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If you are new to ClerkBooks, create an instant quote with the new Quote Builder. If you need support or supplies, select your options below. No payment is made on the website. Using the Shop page only creates an order. Once your order is received, we will verify the order with you and send out an invoice for the Council to approve. (Prices are subject to change with or without notice.)

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  • Remote Support & Training

    From: $400.00

    ClerkBooks Remote Support & Training can be used for QuickBooks training, ClerkBooks Module training, software or hardware troubleshooting, general accounting training, audit support, State report assistance, and more.

    Support is available toll free during business hours and by appointment after hours.

    Packaged minutes never lose value or expire. Time is deducted from your package in 5 minute increments as support is used. This means you can use the minutes in one week, one month, one year, or over several years!

  • Utility Billing Postcards

    From: $145.00

    NEW Dimensions, Better Perforations, Updated Design, More Cards per Box!

    4.25″ x 5.5″ Postcards made for the ClerkBooks system. Will work with all major brand ink jet printers with envelope printing capabilities. Laser printers preferred. Includes a perforated stub for customers to return with payment.

    Free Shipping! (in the continental US)

  • Voucher Checks

    From: $129.95

    Checks compatible with ClerkBooks for payroll and bill pay.

    Free Shipping! (in the continental US)

  • Windowed Envelopes

    From: $101.95

    Windowed Envelopes compatible with ClerkBooks for payroll, bill pay, receipts or invoicing. Features: double windows for both mailing & return addresses, self-sealing closure as well as inside security tint.

    Free Shipping! (in the continental US)