Quote Builder for ClerkBooks Desktop Edition

Quote Builder for ClerkBooks Desktop Edition

From: $3,610.00

This quote tool is designed to preview initial prices for everything you need to get started: software, installation, customization, data conversion, orientation, training and support. Please read through all the details, including the tabs below the quote tool.

Once you complete this initial quote, you will want to call us to get an official quote for Council approval. You may qualify for some discounts. We can also discuss a payment plan, your on-going costs including support, software upgrades and supplies.

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The ClerkBooks Desktop Edition consists of:
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QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks—the #1 rated small business financial software—can help you get organized, save time, and simplify what you do every day. QuickBooks includes:

  • General Ledger / General Journal
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting


Discount! Cities who already use QuickBooks may qualify for a discount. Ask your ClerkBooks Representative for more information.

Custom QuickBooks File Created Specifically for Municipalities

While QuickBooks is the #1 small business accounting software package, it is not designed for Local Government right out of the box. Therefore, we have created a custom file for Local Government including a Chart of Accounts as recommended by your State Auditor’s Office along with Fund tracking capabilities.

We have also added: a custom payroll system to split wages into the appropriate expense lines and funds; several memorized transactions for non-recurring transactions such as bounced checks, as well as recurring transactions such as property tax deposits; Over 30 custom reports categorized for municipal use; several custom items for utility billing invoices and detailed revenue tracking.

Our custom file works in-sync with our Utility Billing Module and Closing Tools Module. By creating this custom file, we have converted QuickBooks into a full-function Fund-Based Municipal Accounting System.

Discount! The first City in a new State or Country receive additional support at no extra cost. Ask your ClerkBooks Representative for more information.

Custom Payroll

The Custom QuickBooks File expands upon the QuickBooks Payroll System giving you the power to split payroll between different Functions, Departments, Objects and Funds – all on one paycheck!

The system:

•Calculates gross wages from hours or annual salaries.
•Calculates Federal and State Withholdings, Medicare, Social Security, retirement, health insurance, child support and other optional deductions to accurately calculate Net Pay.
•Tracks available Vacation and Sick Time.
•Direct Deposit for paychecks and tax payments
•Federal and State forms completed for you, including Federal and State W2s at year-end
•Print W2s & forms for employees on plain paper
•Reminders for taxes & forms
•24 hour Free support from payroll experts

The Custom File and the Enhanced Payroll Subscription gives you the added security that your payroll is compliant with current tax laws.

(Debit Card, Credit Card, or Direct Bank Draft is Required for Monthly Billing)

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing Module works in connection with QuickBooks. All customer information is entered into QuickBooks, then synchronized with the Utility Billing Module, thus eliminating the need for, and errors of, a dual entry system.

The Utility Billing module features a spreadsheet-like tool for entering in readings manually. The module also syncs with all handheld reader systems such as Badger and Sensus, so you can import bulk readings easily.

The Utility Billing Module calculates usage and rates, including minimum charges and tiered utilization levels, based on multiple customer types. The system also calculates late charges, surcharges and discounts. After making calculations, just one click sends the invoices back to QuickBooks to be printed. QuickBooks then manages all customer payments and deposits.

Closing Tools Module

The Closing Tools Module syncs directly with QuickBooks. With just a push of a few buttons, the Closing Tools Module automatically fixes the “non-fund-friendly” features of QuickBooks.

While our Custom Payroll splits out wages into the appropriate departments, expense accounts, and funds, it can’t automatically split payroll taxes and benefits appropriately. The Closing Tools Module fixes this issue by automatically creating a single journal entry to split all payroll taxes and benefits into the appropriate department, expense line, and fund.

The Closing Tools Module also closes out each month by creating a “fund balance transfer” journal entry to report all net income/net loss in the appropriate fund balance account. This makes it easy to report your change in each fund balance every single month. It also makes it easy to balance and complete your State Annual Report.

The Tools allow you to create a Balance Sheet by Fund report and a Trail Balance by Fund report, both impossible to do with QuickBooks alone. The tool will also, optionally, convert the default “Accrual/Modified Cash Basis” reporting to “Pure Cash Basis” reporting.

NEW! – Will also split payroll taxes & benefits into a Special Revenue Levy Fund different than the Fund the wages are in.

Remote Set-up, Customization, Data Conversion & Orientation

During your remote set-up and customization, we work hand-in-hand with your City Clerk, Finance Officer, and Auditor to make sure that the ClerkBooks Municipal Accounting System is ready to work for your City specifically. While ClerkBooks has the full chart of accounts designed for the largest cities in your State, we work directly with you to scale it back to be applicable and easy to use within your municipality.

All you need is a compatible computer, high speed internet connection, and a phone with hands-free capabilities. We will need remote access to your current systems, as well as access, via text or short phone calls, to your City Clerk, Finance Officer, and Auditor for periodic assistance.

Data Conversion includes importing and converting: customer billing & meter accounts, utility rates, customer beginning balances, sales tax & payroll items, employee records including year-to-date payroll information, beginning bank and fund balances, current fiscal year budgets, and more.

Remote Customization includes: streamlining the chart of accounts, utility bill invoice design, Council report design, and more. We sometimes get a month or two worth of accounting done in the system as well. (depends on timing of install within your current fiscal year)

Remote Orientation includes: access to the training videos during set-up and customization, review of the entire accounting system including the Utility Billing Module and Journal Entry Tool, instructions on where to start working, and more.

We make sure you are comfortable with the system and are ready to start working right away.

(On-Site Set-up & Customization is also available)

Comprehensive QuickBooks & ClerkBooks Training Videos

All of the general training from our 2-Day On-Site Comprehensive Training course compressed into 45 4-10 minute videos. The videos allow you to skip to specific topics as needed. They are great for learning at your own pace, or as a refresher after installation.

Online Searchable Cheat Sheets

Log into our online knowledge base to access step-by-step instructions on everyday accounting tasks. Enter a phrase describing what you want help with and the system gives you the top articles related to your question. You also have the ability to print individual topics as your own personal set of “cheat sheets.”

Council Training

Your Council will have access to 2 hours of video training focusing on understanding the financials, using the financials to make informed decisions, and preventing and monitoring fraud.

Municipal accounting has never been easier!

Transactions Per Month

QuickBooks Pro and Premier are based on a database that only allows up to 625 transactions per month. Once that threshold is reached, the system will start to slow down and will be prone to more database issues. Eventually the database will max out and need to be archived. The Enterprise version is based on a different database and will allow up to 20,000 transactions per month.

Transactions include: receipts, invoices, payments, deposits, bills, bill payments, checks, paychecks, liability checks, journal entries, etc. (any transaction may have multiple detail lines – no need to count detail lines)

Simultaneous Users

QuickBooks Pro will allow up to 3 users to access the system at the same time. QuickBooks Premier will allow up to 5 users at the same time. QuickBooks Enterprise will allow up to 30 users at the same time.

Additional users require additional licenses as well as additional setup time.

Support Packages

During the install you will have access to 8 hours of video training. After the installation you will receive 2-3 days of one-on-one orientation. After the orientation, your Support Package kicks in. Support Packages are pools of available Support Hours. Support Hours can be purchased in four configurations.

5 Hour Pre-Paid Package: Minutes deducted in 5 minute increments.

10 Hour Pre-Paid Package: Minutes deducted in 5 minute increments. ($50 savings compared to two 5 hour packages)

20 Hour Pre-Paid Package: Minutes deducted in 5 minute increments. ($200 savings compared to four 5 hour package)

40 hour Pre-Paid Package: Minutes deducted in 5 minute increments. ($600 savings compared to eight 5 hour packages)

Support can be used for anything from “help QuickBooks won’t open”, to “help, my Auditor wants a specific report”. We help with software, hardware and networking issues. We help with any accounting questions including budgets, annual reports, payroll taxes, audit assistance and everything in between.

Packaged minutes never lose value or expire. Time is deducted from your package in 5 minute increments as support is used. This means you can use the minutes in one week, one month, one year, or over several years! You are required to have available Support Hours in order to use your ClerkBooks software. Once your Support Hours have been used, you can order additional time through the website. You can also view and monitor your Support history on the User Support website.

Payment Plan

It is truly our goal to make your job easier. One way we can do this, is to offer a payment plan to help spread out the initial cost of the system. We now offer the option to pay a 25% down payment followed by automatically deducted ACH payments spread over 2 years. If timed right, you can allocate the initial cost of the system over 3 fiscal years! Contact Us today for more information!