Payment Plan Options

Payment Plan Options

The process of converting to a new accounting system can be overwhelming. Here at ClerkBooks, it truly is our goal to make your job easier. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always mean less expensive. The biggest cost to the transition is the time it takes to customize your system to meet your needs, and the conversion of your current data into the new system’s structure.

We do not provide you a link to download and install, customize and convert your current data on your own. We do all of that for you. We start with a file created specifically for your State. It includes the State chart of accounts, custom reports, items, payroll and memorized transactions. We then streamline that template according to your budget and AFR. We enter your current budget and we hide accounts and items that you do not need.

We then enter in your data. We setup your customers, vendors, and employees. We enter your customer beginning balances. We setup your bank accounts along with beginning balances and outstanding transactions. We enter in all of your payroll year-to-date, so you can do W2s and 1099s from the new system. We also enter in all the rest of your transactions from the start of the fiscal year, so you can do your AFR from the new system. We then reconcile all your bank accounts and balance with your AFR.

Our goal is that you will be able to start using the system the day we hand it off to you. You can start working with today’s data, rather than re-creating history. Thus making your job much easier.

Traditional Terms

In the past, we only offered one payment plan. We required 50% down at the time of scheduling the conversion. The second half was due after we turned the system over to you to begin using.

This option is still available. However, we understand this can be a pretty big investment. Therefore, it can be a pretty big cash flow issue for smaller municipalities.

New Terms

Since it is truly our goal to make your job easier, we also want to do what we can to make paying for it easier as well. While the Traditional terms are still available, we now offer a two-year payment plan to help spread out the initial cost of the system.

This option starts with a 25% down payment to schedule the conversion. Once the system is handed off you to you to use, we then start the payment plan. We will automatically deduct the remaining balance, plus a small service fee, using ACH payments spread over 2 years. Everything is automatic. You don’t have to remember to send a check and we don’t have to keep sending bills. Easy for both of us!

If timed right, you can allocate the initial cost of the system over 3 fiscal years!

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