Software Features

ClerkBooks Municipal Accounting System converts Intuit QuickBooks® (the world’s number one small business accounting software) into a full Fund-based accounting system to help simplify municipal financial management. ClerkBooks is designed to offer standard accounting features, plus easy, time-saving tools to meet the unique needs of Local Government.

QuickBooks Software
ClerkBooks is proud to work with Intuit®, the makers of the world’s most popular accounting software: QuickBooks®. While QuickBooks® handles 90% of the accounting tasks in the ClerkBooks Municipal Accounting System, we have added several features specifically for Cities. We have added Fund Accounting and a Uniform Chart of Accounts as recommended by your State Auditor’s Office. We have added a Utility Billing Module which calculates usage and creates QuickBooks® invoices based on multiple rates per customer type and usage levels. We have also added over 50 custom reports and custom payroll functions designed specifically for City Fund accounting. We have added the features that Cities need but do not come with QuickBooks® by default. ClerkBooks works with all QuickBooks Desktop editions (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)- which are still available. ClerkBooks does not work with QuickBooks Online (QBO).
Pro/Premier Editions Enterprise Edition
Number of Transactions (total # of checks, paychecks, liability checks, invoices, payments, credit memos, etc.)/i> approx. 625 per month approx. 20,000 per month
Simultaneous Users (# of users in the same file as the same time) 1-5 1-30
Accounts in the Chart of Accounts bank, assets, liabilities, income, expense, etc. 10,000 100,000
Name Capacity Customers, Vendors & Employees Combined 14,500 100,000 +
Payroll Items Wages, Salaries, Benefits, Taxes Combined 10,000 100,000 +
Funds General, Special Revenue, Debt Service, Permanent, Proprietary, etc. 10,000 100,000 +
Memorized Reports 14,500 29,000
Memorized Transactions 14,500 50,000
General Ledger / General Journal
ClerkBooks uses a Uniform Chart of Accounts as suggested by your State Auditor’s Office. This means all of your reports will always line up with the State Budget report and Annual Financial Report. Most of our Clerks are able to prepare their Annual Financial Report within 30 days of year end! ClerkBooks gives your Council an updated fund balance at the end of every month, so there are no surprises at the end of the year.
Pro/Premier Editions Enterprise Edition
Uniform Chart of Accounts (As suggested by your State Auditor’s Office – with account numbers) Yes Yes
Fund Tracking (General, Special Revenue, Debt Service, Enterprise, etc) Yes Yes
Current Assets (Cash, Checking, Savings, CD’s, A/R, Pre-Paid Expenses, Due from other Funds, etc.) Yes Yes
Long-Term Assets (Land, Buildings, Equipment, Depreciation, etc.) Yes Yes
Current Liabilities (A/P, Sales Tax Payable, Payroll Liabilities, etc.) Yes Yes
Long-Term Liabilities (Bonds, Loans, etc.) Yes Yes
Income (Property Taxes, Other Taxes, Intergovernmental, Charges for Services, etc.) Yes Yes
Expense (by Activity and by Expense: Public Safety:Fire Department:Capital Outlay, etc.) Yes Yes
Account Registers
Pro/Premier Editions Enterprise Edition
Checking and Petty Cash Yes Yes
Savings and Investments Yes Yes
Credit Cards Yes Yes
Easy Account Reconciliation Yes Yes
Accounts Payable
Pro/Premier Editions Enterprise Edition
Purchase Orders, Bills, Credits and Discounts Yes Yes
Contractor Management (1099s) Yes Yes
Individual Voucher Forms Yes Yes
Summary of All Claims for Approval Report Yes Yes
Summary of Claims Paid and Revenues Received Report Yes Yes
Accounts Receivable & Utility Billing
The utility billing module calculates usage and charges for water / sewer, garbage / recycling, and electricity (including 3-phase and demand calculations). Meter readings are entered in using one screen, similar to a spreadsheet, or can be synchronized with a handheld reading system. The system allows each QuickBooks customer to have multiple meters and effortlessly calculates different rates for multiple customer types & usage quantities. Invoicing for minimum charges, surcharges and discounts is a breeze. ClerkBooks also tracks customer deposits, payments, and late fees.
Pro/Premier Editions Enterprise Edition
Sales Receipts (Building Permits, Pet Licenses, etc.) Yes Yes
Prints Meter Reading Worksheets Yes Yes
Easy Spreadsheet-Style Entry for Meter Readings Yes Yes
Import Readings From All Automatic Readers (Badger, Sensus, etc.) Yes Yes
Automatically Calculates Usage Yes Yes
Exports Invoices into QuickBooks Yes Yes
Print or E-mail Invoices from QuickBooks Yes Yes
Track Payments & Make Batched Deposits Yes Yes
Utility Summary and Detail Reports Yes Yes
A/R Aging Summary and Open Invoices Reports Yes Yes
Sales Tax Management Yes Yes
ClerkBooks automatically calculates net pay including gross wages, vacation, sick pay, insurance, taxes, retirement, and more, making it easy to pay your liabilities. Easily break payroll down by fund and expense line. Create 941 reports, and fill in your W-2s with the easy to read Payroll Summary report. The Enhanced Payroll Subscription can be added with annual fees.
Standard Payroll Enhanced Payroll
Suggested for Cities with: (Do not count salaried (or evenly paid) employees while considering which payroll option is the best for your City) Up To 10 Hourly
10+ Employees
Paid Hourly
Subscription Update Required None Annual
Time Card Processing Yes Yes
Income Items (Wages, Salaries, Overtime, Holidays, Vacation, Sick, etc.) Yes Yes
Deduction Items (Retirement, Insurances, Child Support, etc.) Yes Yes
Tax and City Contribution Items (FICA, State Withholding, SUI, FUTA, Retirement, etc.) Yes Yes
Tracking Payroll Items by Fund (General Fund, Roads, Water, Sewer, etc.) Yes Yes
Easily Track Vacation and Sick Time (Does not track Comp Time) Yes Yes
Automatic Calculations (Gross Wages, Net Pay, Social Security, Unemployment, Federal Unemployment, Health Insurance, etc. Yes Yes
Federal and State Withholding Manual Automatic
Direct Deposit (Additional Fees Required) Manual Automatic
Easy Payroll Liability Payment Manager Yes Yes
Federal Forms Included (941, 940) PDFs Online Print From QuickBooks
State Forms Included (Retirements, SUI, Withholding) Online Online
E-File and Pay Manual Automatic

Even though QuickBooks comes with 100s of customizable reports, ClerkBooks has added an additional 50 custom reports designed and organized specifically for Municipalities!

Closing Reports

  • Balance Sheet by Fund (Fiscal Year-to-Date)
  • Profit and Loss by Fund (Fiscal Year-to-Date)
  • Open Invoices
  • Unpaid Bills Detail

Finance Committee Reports

  • A/R Aging Summary
  • Open Purchase Orders Detail
  • Voided/Deleted Transactions Summary (Last Month)
  • Missing Checks

Council Reports

  • Balance Sheet by Month (Fiscal Year-to-Date)
  • Profit and Loss by Fund (Last Month)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Last Month)
  • Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual Summary (Fiscal Year-to-Date)
  • Summary of Claims for Approval
  • Claims Paid & Summary of Receipts

Budget Reports

  • Budget Worksheet – General Fund
  • Budget Worksheet – Library Fund
  • Budget Worksheet – Fire & Ambulance Funds
  • Budget Worksheet – Road Use Fund</l
  • Budget Worksheet – Water Fund
  • Budget Worksheet – Sewer Fund
  • Budget Worksheet – Electricity Fund
  • Budget Summary (Last Fiscal Year)
  • Budget Summary (This Fiscal Year)
  • Budget Summary (Next Fiscal Year)

AFR / Audit Reports

  • Balance Sheet by Year (Last 2 Fiscal Years)
  • Profit and Loss by Fund (Last Fiscal Year)
  • Trial Balance by Fund (Last Fiscal Year)
  • General Ledger (Last Fiscal Year)
  • Transaction Detail (Last Fiscal Year)

Tax Reports

  • Payroll Summary (Last Month)
  • Payroll Summary (Last Quarter)
  • Payroll Summary (Last Calendar Year)
  • Sales Tax Liability (Last Month)
  • Sales Tax Liability (Last Quarter)

Utility Billing Reports

  • ACH/Auto Pay Export
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Summary
  • Billing Register
  • Billing Summary
  • Deposit Detail Report
  • Open Invoices
  • Utility Usage by Customer Type
  • Utility Usage by Service Type
  • Meter Reading Worksheet (by route & read order)

Historical Reports

  • Balance Sheet by Year
  • Balance Sheet by Quarter
  • Balance Sheet by Month
  • Profit & Loss by Year
  • Profit & Loss by Quarter
  • Profit & Loss by Month